My Favorite Stamp Collecting Resources


1.      All Stamps Paradise (Free stamp exchange and Philatelic Directory)
2.     Beginners Philatelic Resources (a useful stamp collecting resource)
3.     Belgium Stamp Exchange (stamps for trade/exchange)
4.     Collecting Sites, links
5.     David Saks Stamp Collecting and Philatelic Resources Links, (Extensive & Useful List)
6.     Exchange Rates (currency)
8.     Free Stamp Catalogue
9.     Identify Weird Stamps
10.    Joseph Luft's Philatelic Resources on the Web
11.    Language Translator, Babel Fish Translator by Alta Vista
12.    Linn's Weekly Stamp Newspaper
13.    Matthew Crandall Supplies, Scott International
15.    Stamporama, (stamp club)
16.    Stamp Forum (a good place to talk stamps and connect with other collectors)
17.    Stamps 2 Go
18.    Stamp Collecting Begins Here (one of the best resources for collectors)
19.    Stamp Collector's Place, Bait-Tov
21.    Stamp Trader Com  (Buy or Sell Worldwide Stamps, Covers or Post Cards) 
    Stamp Websites Com  (Add website, search interests, everything philatelic)
23.   Subway Stamps, Supply Company
25.   Zillions of Stamps

Delcampe - Build your Philatelic Network

USA Website

When you're trying to identify a particular stamp, the following extensive, alphabetical lists are very helpful for finding the correct country.

Worldwide Stamp Identifier Glossary
Ask Phil, Extensive Glossary of Stamp Collecting Terms

Circuit Trading Groups I recommend
    The Stamp Game
    Stamp Swap

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